How We Started

During my treatments for ovarian cancer, I noticed that when I needed to talk about the difficult times, some people in my life imposed an unrealistic expectation on me to solely discuss cancer in positive terms. It was as if it made them uncomfortable to hear about the struggles, so they tried to adjust the painting into a rosy picture. This frustrated me; I was not being negative. I was being open and honest, and that was my healthy way of processing this disease and everything that came along with it.

Why should we filter our feelings? Why are we expected to be a constant vessel of positivity? I was holding emotions in that needed to get out. That's when I sketched the original F-Bomb. It was therapeutic for me to express how I felt about cancer at that time. Then, I thought, surely I'm not the only person feeling this way. And, I started molding Swearing Off Cancer into what it is today. I took my F-Bomb design, which has a deep personal meaning to me, and put it on apparel to share with others. (We've since expanded our brand to include more than the F-Bomb.)

My hope is that my apparel brings a therapeutic feeling of self expression to everyone who wears it. I want to encourage those affected by cancer to talk about cancer in "real terms". Whether you're a fighter, survivor, or a loved one; address it head on. The goal of Swearing Off Cancer is to provide a platform for open and honest conversations to take place about all aspects of cancer. Unfiltered. Unapologetic.

Quality Apparel

Our apparel is Eco-friendly, with the majority of our products being made of Eco and Organic Fabrics, or Recycled Poly and Materials. Non-toxic, low impact dyes are used in the coloring process. Even our screen printing is Eco-friendly, using Eco-Series Water Based Inks and natural plastisols. 

We are a high quality apparel brand with a focus on comfort. Our shirts are so incredibly soft, you'll want to live them! We've actually had customers tell us that they do!

Charity & Outreach

Swearing Off Cancer now donates 15% of our online retail sales to cancer related charities. Check out our Charity Partners page to learn more! Giving back is a huge part of Swearing Off Cancer. Through our outreach program, I meet and visit with those affected by cancer, deliver healthy snacks to chemo patients, and give pieces of our apparel to cancer fighters.