I hit my one year of remission from ovarian cancer in May. The month before, I lost a friend to ovarian cancer. She was such an amazing person, with a beautiful spirit. I once again found myself feeling so many different things. I needed to do something that showed my appreciation of where I am in my journey, but also honored my late friend. That's when...

I designed the DREAM. shirt with Colleen’s Dream Foundation in mind. I love this foundation and the genuine connection they have with their cause of raising funds for ovarian cancer research. They also have a primary focus of early detection, which means a great deal to me. I was fortunate that my ovarian cancer was discovered, simply by chance, at stage one. However, most ovarian cancers go undiagnosed for years. There are no current tests that accurately detect it. My hope is that more women will have the same fighting odds against ovarian cancer as I did, not by chance, but through early detection. Colleen’s Dream Foundation is dedicated to funding the research to do just that. I’m so excited for Swearing Off Cancer to be able to help in their fundraising efforts by donating proceeds from the sale of each DREAM. Pullover to Colleen’s Dream Foundation! This is a cause, near and dear to my heart!

Cristan, Owner & Creator of Swearing Off Cancer